Sunday, March 24, 2013

American Advertising Federation (AAF)

AAF, the American Advertising Federation, is the oldest national advertising trade association, that represents every different avenue of the advertising industry, and they act as the “Unifying Voice for Advertising.” AAF’s membership is composed of about 100 blue chip corporate members, including the nations leading advertisers. They stretch their memberships all the way from the corporate ladder all the way down to education, where which they have college chapters. Having over 200 college chapters so far, which include over 6,500 student members. AAF operates and hosts the Advertising Hall of Fame, the ADDY Awards, and many more, some just involving school chapters, and some for everyone. With a membership you receive valuable information for future clients and others that is doing that same thing in the industry, which you can use for your entrepreneurial needs. The mission statement for AAF is “The American Advertising Federation protects and promotes the well-being of advertising. We accomplish this through a unique, nationally coordinated grassroots network of advertisers, agencies, media companies, local advertising clubs and college chapters.”
AAF does way too much not to enjoy their services. They educate members on the latest trends in technology, creativity and marketing. They promote diversity in advertising by encouraging the recruitment of people of diverse cultures. Providing programs to assist local association volunteer leadership. They also protect and promote advertising at all levels of government through grassroots activities.
As I begin to establish NuProdigy Media and myself into the industry more, I will be obtaining a membership with AAF, its very beneficial so why not. Their corporate membership is what I will be pushing for which it includes corporate member networking events, sponsorship opportunities, and recruitment opportunities of the nation's top advertising and marketing students. As a community in the advertising industry need to be more attached to each other in a sense, and this is a good step one.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Do Something About It!

There has been many times where we sat and thank of these amazing ideas, but then never did anything about it. Many times where we knew there was a problem, and either procrastinated about the solution or never even thought twice about fixing it. Times where we wanted to fix something but was to lazy for the first steps so you waited for someone else to do it, then joined in.

Well that wasn’t the case when it came to Ron Finley, and his hometown South Central LA. During Ron’s TED talk (TED: Ideas Worth Spreading) he began explaining how its all low income and how the obesity rate is 5 times higher than any city in the surrounding areas. He goes on telling us how the main food option is fast food, like most low income city’s, and how he notices that Dialysis Centers started popping up like Starbucks. Yet still how the system doesn’t help with providing more healthy food, they focus on getting more money flow with the fast food companies.
Ron Finley made a change to the negativity he seen with the system. He says, “Food is the problem, and food is the solution.” He came to the solution of planting a food forest right in front of his house. The food forest was on city ground but he just had to maintain it and he would be fine. Ron went on to create a organization called LA Green Grounds which helped plant more and more gardens around the city. Running into a couple problems with the city because they figured it would hurt their side of things tried to come down on him with citations, but he fought them with petitions with more than 900 people following him, and of course succeeded.
He is now still covering more grounds with gardens and making a difference in his city. You should watch his TED Talk called Ron Finley:A Guerilla Gardener in South Central LA. He has inspired many to get up and do something about issues that we see going on right in front of us. This can be used in any situation personal lives, political, and even business. Lately I’ve been really thinking of some easy ways to get my business off the ground, and sometimes the answer is not always what you want it to be; but in business we have to do what’s best for the company.
My main thing that I like to do as a filmmaker would be to produce commercials. Trying to get a paying client right off the bat maybe a little harder than what you think. So what I’ve done was focus on photography. Orlando is filled with tourist so if I can do photography for them at these attractions and then sell them their photography to them online; I could make tons of profit. Right now its still in process of getting off the ground, an idea. Now I have to actually do it. Make it happen, like Ron was telling us all.