Friday, April 12, 2013

Don’t Like Keeping A Bank Ledger?

We all have flaws, and when going into business we all have to keep in mind of the flaws that we have. Some of us don’t like to keep track of paperwork, moving through projects with everything in their head. Some of us move projects way too fast and don’t do their best on it, and then it ends up biting them later on. Some of us just simply cannot keep track of where funds are going, and when going into business this can really hurt us.
Many of us in business have these portable devices called smartphones. Many of us have these things on our smartphones called apps. One app that I have came to find out that really helps with budgeting and keeping track of every transaction on all my accounts, and it’s called Mint, free right from Intuit. Mint automatically organizes your spending into categories like rent, gas, clothes, lattes, and shows you where your
money goes in easy-to-understand charts. Mint also provides you with the options of creating budgets and showing you ways to stay within them, and of course how to stay under budget. Allowing you to create goals to have a certain amount in a certain account at a certain date or any type of financial goal, Mint can help. Just imagine what you want to accomplish with your money. Mint
gives you the simple steps for meeting you goals, along with free advice, 
gentle reminders, and encouragement. Keep track of all cash, credit cards, loans, investments, and property, all with one free membership.
Mint is not only an app, you can experience Mint on the computer as well, just log into Mint, and sign into all of your accounts and, boom, there you go, your on mint. Retracing some old transactions so that they can initially advise you on where to go from signing up. Intuit has really done it now. Allow Mint to send you updates on all your accounts and that’ll really help stay within a budget.

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