Sunday, September 8, 2013

Looking A Little More Professional

Have you ever wondered what could make you and your company stand out a little more that what your doing now, but for cheap. Well there always ways, you just have to find them. As simple as the mail that a client recives in the mail and the way someone anwsers the phone when they call you, all the way to the lifestyle the individual lives alone out side of work.
            When you receive mail, would always think, is it a bill collector, advertisement, or a letter from family. Of course it usually a bill collector or someone trying to add another bill, but if you make the envelope look like a letter from grandma and you could just be sending out a thank you note to a recent client. It all helps and leads to one thing, more money. As a client if I finished a business deal with you today and unespecectedly received a hard copy letter in the mail a week or two later. That letter reminds me of the great service that you provided them and lets them know that they are always welcome back. One thing. To spiffy those letters up to make them look good I simply purchased a Dymo Label Printer. There are many different ones that do certain things and for many different budgets, but they arent that expensive at all. It makes all my mail look very professional, all the way from the return address to the stamp. It prints everything inluding pictures, logo anyone.
            When it comes to phone service, it simple. No need to go get a whole nother phone line on your cell phone bill, and having to carry another phone around, that’s already doing to much. Simply get a Google Voice account its free and amazing. You can use it as an app on your smartphones, just log in. Google Voice allows you to recive phone calls, text messages, and it converts your voicemail into text. Install the app on your phone and now you have a second line just that quick. Just with a look thru your settings you can then have it set up to call your phone and ring as the company name, just so you know its business when they call you.
            There are many ways that you can manage your company for lower than what you may think. You just have to look around for things and research your products.

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  1. Hey Alvin,

    First off great write up about the Dymo label maker and Google Voice. I currently use both, and I couldn't be happier with them. The only down side about Google Voice is their voice mail feature, it takes too long to convert the voice to text and sometime I won't get a notification at all.

    That being said, it is good that you are recommending these to products. In my opinion everyone should have Google Voice and a label maker on hand no matter their job.

    Thanks for the great info!