Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Change For The Better

Companies change things about them all the time, whether its something as small as changing management or as big as changing company colors and logo. Many times when companies change things, the general public assumes that there was something wrong with the old way; they sometimes look at change like a bad thing.

Being a high school student with a pleasing talent of a videographer. Halfway throughout my freshman year through high school I was asked by family and friends to film certain events, mainly weddings and parties, and every once in a while a commercial. So immediately I spoke to my closest friends, which also are in the same field, and my media instructor to get advise on if I should take on the work. My media instructor threw in the fact that I should start my own business and take on the projects and I could use his equipment. So having to rush to get the basic things in place because those events weren’t going to wait on me. I had created a name, management, logo, and mission statement, and contracts ready about a month later. Began those projects and continued with new clientele mainly from word of mouth throughout the city.
Now that I am in the position to really give some hard focusing time and bring new knowledge to the table I am changing mainly the entire company around. My company name up until 2013 was Red Ti Productions, and now it has been changed to NuProdigy Media. Red Ti Productions as hard as I tried to think and ask others, I couldn’t find a meaning for it. Other things that I chose to change were the logo, mission statement, demographic, and add lots more like an actual marketing strategy instead of the basic spamming on Facebook. Including a business plan, which is like the bible to any business. A business plan includes all information about a business, like a playbook to a football team, it had the financial plan, five to ten year projections, founder information and background, and much more.

Making changes to Red Ti Productions will not only carry on the legacy and talent behind Red Ti Productions, but those changes will also bring new things like talent, film projects, marketing, and different styles of filmmaking. Change doesn’t always mean harm; stay up to date with NuProdigy Media, Inc. Our blog will have the latest information about new projects, crew, and general information about our industry in film.

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