Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Starting a new company can really be a challenge to many, but with the right guidance and early practices you can become very successful within your business especially being an entrepreneur. While having everything to do on your own as an individual or a group, there is always that doubt of failure or just the simple fact that you wont have all your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed. Many feel that they are all alone and if they don’t know a piece of information that they have already failed themselves; but always keep in mind to use resources, they are there, many are free, so why not take advantage.
            NuProdigy Media, Inc., has been a work in progress for years. During the time of Red Ti Productions, we really started to pick up a clientele basis and make a name for ourselves. Mainly doing everything on my own until production time came along. Even then sometimes still being alone on some big projects, needing help but couldn’t afford it. Many times I just wanted to bypass the business side of things and jump right into getting projects done. While I was so young and still in high school a lot of things that I needed to do I couldn’t because of my age. Needing to get my business license, finalizing my LLC (limited liability company), getting my state issued EIN (employer identification number), and also my Tax ID number in order to be a legalized LLC. Since my age was an issue I ran the company as Sole Proprietorship. A sole proprietor is someone who owns an unincorporated business by himself or herself. Going as a sole proprietor was easier, but still had its ups and downs that I couldn’t change. During this process there was lots of back and forth on what I should do, but keeping in touch with people that had been through the process kept me positive and made sure I knew every step that I made.
Identity: YourPassport to Success
Getting into a business in any industry has its ups and downs. Many times in the beginning they’re seems to be way too many downs then there are ups. Focusing on the negative will always bring you down and keep you down as much as you let yourself go. I recently sat in on a presentation of Stedman Graham, and which he just happened to be talking about one of his latest book, Identity: YourPassport to Success, and which he focused on leadership. He said a phrase that kind of stuck out to me, but was very true. “Your Life is based on how you think… If you change the way you think, you will ultimately change the way you live.” – Stedman Graham. You always have to remember that thinking negative will always occur negative results. Always keep good spirits and self-esteem high, no one will motivate you, as you will do yourself. Stay positive, network with your competitors, and become a wholesome business, know the insides and outs.

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